Our Story

Everyone at Jewel Box loves fashion.  Since our first store opening in 2002, it has been our goal to bring our customers fashionable jewelry that is always on trend. We cut out the middle man which allows us to pass on the savings to our customers.  While we can’t bring a Jewel Box store to every place our customers have asked, we can provide you our excellent customer service and great product through our website. 

The new jewelboxonline.com is designed to bring the same trendy, high quality accessories at Jewel Box prices to our customers on the web. We promise to have the latest trends at the best prices, with new arrivals continuously, and great customer service. Completing your look has never been this easy!


Sarah's Story

Jewel box founder and owner Sarah Goff has always had an obsession for jewelry.  As a kid she would go through her mother’s jewelry box and marvel at each sparkling piece.   In college, she started making jewelry for fun.  Her interest in jewelry grew, and she started taking courses in jewelry making.  While her passion for jewelry never subsided, a 9-5 banking job put her time for creating unique jewelry on the back burner.

With the birth of her first child, her career shifted to being a stay at home mom. Her curiosity for designing and making jewelry was soon sparked again when she noticed that stores were selling items at outrageous prices. Having come from the banking world, she knew that she could design and produce affordable jewelry for women by cutting out the middle man and making it herself.

Interest in her unique items grew among her friends and a booming home party business evolved.  Eventually her success fueled her desire to open her first store in 2002.

Now a mother of three, Sarah finds herself juggling motherhood and having a growing business.  Sarah has brought on a passionate team of creative visionaries to help make sure the company is always on top of the latest trends and designs for jewelry.